How to craft a winning nomination for the Macomb Business Awards

The March 15 nomination deadline for the Macomb Business Awards is approaching quickly! So if you know of or work for a business that fits one of the award categories, we highly recommend submitting them for consideration! Categories include:

  • Champion of Work / Life Integration – offering innovative benefits that enable employees to balance work responsibilities with personal passions (Sponsored by MetroParent magazine).
  • Corporate Citizen – providing meaningful support to our community through service and/or philanthropy.
  • Hidden Gem – uncovering a unique Made-in-Macomb product or place that more people should know about.
  • Manufacturer of the Year – in recognition of a manufacturer of any size that is achieving success through its efforts to diversify its customer base, retain employees and/or implement new technologies or efficiencies.
  • Model of OneMacomb – cultivating an environment where diversity is valued as evidenced by inclusive practices.
  • Trailblazer of Future Talent – creating partnerships that provide opportunities for the next generation of our workforce to explore career possibilities and experience work-based learning.

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Now that you know the categories, you may be wondering how you go about creating and submitting a nomination. Which is why we put together a simple guide that will help you along the way! Here’s what you need to know:

Nomination evaluation

Incoming nominations are prepared for a panel of judges with a simple set of instructions for scoring each one:

  • Please rate each 300-word summary on a scale from one to five with five being the highest possible score:
    • 5 = Uses qualitative and quantitative evidence to succinctly describe how company accomplishments fit award criteria. Provides measurable and impressive results.  This company provides a summary that could serve as a “case study” or “blueprint” for others who might be inspired to accomplish similar goals.
    • 4 = Describes how accomplishments meet the criteria using both qualitative and quantitative examples. Results are measurable and admirable.
    • 3 = Provides a description of how company fits criteria but fails to include measurable results.
    • 2 = Provides anecdotal evidence of how company fits criteria. Actual results are unclear.
    • 1 = The summary, as provided, does not clearly communicate a match to the criteria.


As an example of a high-scoring nomination, the following 239-word summary was submitted by the company selected as the 2018 Model of OneMacomb:

When AGS opened a new facility in Sterling Heights, we invested in a building, a community and our employees. Back in the summer of 2013, we needed 150-200 employees to build bumper systems for General Motors trucks. We partnered with Michigan Staffing and Macomb Community College on hiring and training initiatives and were able to establish a diverse workforce that includes many Iraqi refugees. About 80-85% of our workforce is Iraqi or of Arabic descent. There is a strong sense of community at AGS and we feel blessed with this workforce. We want to develop long-lasting relationships because without these employees, we wouldn’t have a business. Since many of our employees do not speak English, AGS translates documents, offers English as a Second Language classes on-site and have hired a full time translator to work in the Human Resource Department.

Our organization strongly believes in promoting within. We are proud of the numerous employees that have moved up the ranks at AGS. All of them started as general laborers making minimum wage, and have developed into leaders within our organization – Team Leaders, Production Supervisors, Maintenance Technicians and Manufacturing Engineers. AGS also partners with the Judson Center’s Disability Service program which helps adults with intellectual and physical disabilities find independence and inclusion in the community by providing meaningful employment. We continue to invest in our core values of team work and cooperation, which will lead to continual success at AGS!

Why it worked

The company explained how they cultivate an environment where diversity is valued. They also offered specific information on their inclusive practices and how those deliver measurable results. They told a great story in less than 300 words.


So now that you know how to submit a winning nomination, visit our easy application and get started today. Remember – March 15 is the deadline for 2019 submissions. Simply fill out the forms, craft your descriptions and your business will be in the running!

For more information on the April 23 event, visit

Megan Ochmanek is a communications specialist for the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

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