Year in Review: Macomb Business’ biggest and best blogs in 2016

Are you finding it hard to believe another year is in the books?

2016 was a big year for business in Macomb County. As a department, we hosted numerous major events, had clients directly invest nearly a quarter billion dollars, created thousands of jobs and saw overall employment in Macomb County rise by roughly 17,000 while continuing a seven-year streak that has brought 55,000 total new jobs to the county.

In other words, we were busy! Trying to keep up with everything we were doing was no easy task. We here at the Macomb Business Blog had 53 (now 54!) blogs hot off the presses for you this year. In case you missed any, we want to recap the biggest business news in Macomb in 2016:

Auto show fever grips Macomb County in January! With more than $5 billion in auto investment since 2010, the department had a big presence at the North American International Auto Show.

Macomb County brakes for positive effects from auto show

The big event to celebrate Macomb County’s business accomplishments is the annual Macomb Business Awards. This year marked the fifth annual celebration, and more than 400 turned out at Fern Hill Country Club to see who would take home the coveted awards.

What awaits at the Macomb Business Awards

What do Yahoo, the Democratic National Party, Target and LinkedIn have in common? If you answered all were victims of sophisticated cyberattacks, you’re right! Cybersecurity is a legitimate risk we all face. The new Velocity Hub of the Michigan Cyber Range offers classes to help companies defend their technologies against these threats.

Velocity Hub grand opening highlights new cybersecurity asset

Do you have a fond remembrance of the good old days? Well those days are back in Macomb County, economically speaking. In April, Macomb County’s economic recovery pushed the county back to near historic highs. How did we get there? We take a look at the path.

Macomb then and now

Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy. Ninety-five percent of the businesses in Macomb County are defined as a small business. Every day, the Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development (MCPED) works to help these businesses grow and assists entrepreneurs in starting their own small businesses. The department hosts officials from the Michigan Small Business Development Center in our offices to assist departmental clients with their small business needs. New resources are being added all the time; read on to learn about the focus on digital tools available to small businesses across all industries.

Helping Macomb County small businesses succeed

On the heels of the Mackinac Policy Conference the last weekend in May, Gov. Rick Snyder introduced the state’s new Planet M initiative, which focuses on branding Michigan’s mobility assets, especially autonomous and connected vehicle technology. In Macomb County, this means jobs, investment and a lot more! Find out how much more:

Connected technologies take root in Macomb

Job growth in Macomb County has been on a steady upswing for the past six years, but in July, those numbers jumped even higher than expected. The only thing rising higher than the mercury in the thermometers this summer was the number of those who were able to find work.

Job growth picking up steam in Macomb

Nearly 400 companies make up Macomb County’s network of IT and cybersecurity businesses. Collectively, they employ more than 8,000 workers (and growing!). These companies are utilizing sophisticated software systems and the latest in technology to revolutionize security. The department’s focus on MADCAT, Planet M and other cybersecurity initiatives is paying dividends for Macomb County’s IT industry.

IT jobs growing in Macomb County

Entrepreneurs drive economic growth. Macomb County has roughly 23,000 self-employed individuals across all industries. These combined with stage one businesses in the county comprise a significant chunk of the growth potential available. The department has been working hard to provide this group with the resources they need to sustain and grow their operations.

New business portal gives entrepreneurs resources to succeed

Manufacturing is one of Macomb County’s most important industries. Overall, more than 1,600 companies throughout the county have an annual economic impact of $13.4 billion. These firms employ almost one fifth of our workforce. And, the average salary in the industry is nearly $75,000 annually. The department hosted more than 2,000 students at more than 40 manufacturing locations all across the county as part of a nationwide celebration of Manufacturing Day.

MFG matters in Macomb County!

This year, as a way to encourage residents and visitors to shop the county’s independent retailers, Macomb County made it easier than ever to support local businesses. The department created an online interactive resource for shoppers to find and connect with the more than 1,600 independently-owned retail stores located within the county.

Macomb County encourages you to shop small this Saturday

2016 was a major year for business investment in Macomb County. At the sixth annual State of the County, the continued and remarkable economic rebound in Macomb County was a central theme for County Executive Mark Hackel during his address. We recap what he had to say and all of the department’s accomplishments for 2016!

Spotlight on big investments at annual State of the County Address

As you can see, 2016 was indeed a big year! This is a great time to thank the people who help make this blog possible: MCPED Director John Paul Rea, MCPED Communications and Business Outreach Program Manager Maria Zardis and county communications experts Caitlin Gerds-Habermas and Sarah Cormier for not only being frequent contributors, but also for making sure every blog was proofread and reviewed. We would also like to thank our outside partners who contributed their time and content to the blog this year!

The goal of the Macomb Business Blog is to keep you informed. Do you have news or an idea to share with us for 2017? Reach out to me at We want to hear from you.

Posavetz, Nick IMG_0221Nick Posavetz is a senior planner for Macomb County, providing content for the Macomb Business and Make Macomb Your Home websites and associated social media accounts.

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