Macomb County continues record-setting job growth, breaking 15-year record

The most recent jobs update released today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives shows Macomb County gained 1,965 jobs last month and 17,768 total so far in 2016.

Since the implementation of the new County Executive form of government in January 2011, Macomb County has gained 56,870 jobs. The September data for 2016 show 412,595 Macomb County residents are employed. This is the highest number of people employed in Macomb County in more than 15 years, dating back to February 2001 when 412,616 people were employed.

“This is outstanding news. I’m proud that more people are now working in Macomb County than at almost any other time in our history,” said Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel. “Our workforce is resilient, adaptable and capable. The message we have to the world is come here and experience it firsthand.”

Here are some quick facts about the Macomb County economy:

  • The updated job numbers continue the streak of seven continuous years of year-over-year job growth in Macomb County.
    • More jobs have been added every year since the height of the recession in 2009 when 350,776 people in the county were working.
  • The county peaked in jobs in May 1999, when 437,251 were employed. At that time, unemployment was at a mere 2.7 percent.
  • Average private sector wages in Macomb County continue to rise for the seventh straight year, from a cyclical low of $853 per week in 2009 to $984 per week in 2015.
  • $10.3 billion of private sector wages were paid in Macomb County in 2009. Due to job increases and wage increases, that number has grown to $14.4 billion in 2015.

Posavetz, Nick IMG_0221Nick Posavetz is a senior planner for Macomb County, often providing content for the Macomb Business and Make Macomb Your Home websites and associated social media accounts. If you have something you’d like to feature, reach out to him at

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