Macomb County has most employed since March 2001

It’s not just the thermometers that have been rising all summer. The most recent jobs update from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Macomb County gained 3,286 jobs last month and 15,036 total so far in 2016.

Under the new executive form of government, since County Executive Mark Hackel took office in January 2011, Macomb County has gained 54,138 jobs. This is the highest number of people employed in Macomb County in more than 15 years, dating back to March 2001 when 412,364 people were employed.

“Exciting new sectors of mobility, aerospace, life sciences, information technology, defense and homeland security have emerged alongside our energized manufacturing industry,” said Executive Hackel. “These record-breaking numbers not only look great on paper but are essential to the vitality of our families in our communities.”

The updated job numbers continue the streak of seven continuous years of job growth in Macomb County. More jobs have been added every year since the height of the recession in 2009, when 350,776 people in the county were working. The county peaked in job numbers in May 1999, when 437,251 were employed. At that time, unemployment was at a mere 2.7 percent.


Are you a company looking to tap into Macomb County’s highly skilled labor force? We can help. Reach out to the Department of Planning & Economic Development today!

Posavetz, Nick IMG_0221Nick Posavetz is a senior planner for Macomb County, often providing content for the Macomb Business and Make Macomb Your Home websites and associated social media accounts. If you have something you’d like to feature, reach out to him at


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